Cutting edge technology & innovations

Prism Technology Ltd is a Hong Kong based company with a manufacturing site in Canton mainland China. We pride ourselves in providing the best quality products and best level of service to our customers.

With over 30 years' industrial experience, the President of Prism fully understands the importance of Quality Products, Quality Service, Punctual Delivery and a Competitive Offer. At Prism we listen to our customers and strive to care for every need in order to build successful, long-term partnerships With our brand "Gamexpert, The Games Expert" our customers understand that Prism Technology Limited is the specialist in games accessories hardware - but we don't stop there!

Company Profile

  • Established 2002
  • Manufactured in mainland China
  • 700 employees
  • 20+ Years Trading
  • Full quality assurance
  • OEM / ODM supplier to global market leading brands
  • Owner of the Gamexpert brand


Industry Participation

  • E3
  • CES
  • Hong Kong Electronics Fair ▪ IFA
  • Games Convention ▪ Gadget Show
  • Gamescom
  • MCV
  • Specialist Press
  • OEM/ODM private label customers

Brand Proposition

  • ▪ Gamexpert brand Trade Marked 2003
  • ▪ Product Development across all gaming platforms ▪ CE approved, RoHS compliant
  • ▪ FOB Trading - Direct Import
  • ▪ Local UK representation and support
  • ▪ Exclusive country territory for importer distributor partners subject to sales agreement


Gamexpert Product History

  • The story so far 2003 - 2007
  • Proven sellers across all platforms
  • PS2/PS3/PSP/Xbox/360/Nintendo GameCube/DS
  • Unique innovative designs
  • Approved manufacturing
  • Retail packed
  • Targeted audience
  • Listed at major retailers and indies
  • For the last 10 years Prism Technology focused on their OEM / ODM business for global brands